30 Mbps

We provides SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) packages for offices on most affordable pricing. Request to select package according to office need and size.

Unlimited data uses

Offer Regular Offer Hot Offer
Monthly Price Rs. 2300 Rs. 2200 Rs. 2000
Months 3 6 12
Total Price Rs. 6900 Rs. 13200 Rs. 24000
Installation Cost Free Free Free
Devices and Cable Rs. 1000 Rs. 500 Free
Total Amount Rs. 7900 Rs. 13700 Rs. 24000
  • NetMax shall provide FREE installation, ONU / wireless device and cables on yearly subcription.
  • NetMax shall provide FREE WiFi router on yearly subcription.
  • The rates mentioned above are exclusive of 13% VAT.
  • Customer needs to deposit Rs 2000 as refundable deposit.
  • Refundable deposit will be returned only upon returning the devices on working condition.
  • Customer needs to deposit Rs 2000 as refundable deposit for each TV set up box.
  • Customer has to pay Rs 200 per month extra for each TV.